24″ Diameter Tivar 88 Pipe Lining

The pictures below are of an application completed at our Langley, BC facility. This involved lining a steel pipe with an internal diameter of 24″ inches and is a job we’ve done several times before. It’s innovative work and we wanted to share some details and pictures in case the application might be of interest to other companies. The customer ships their pipe segments to our facility where the lining is done on site. We have fabricated 3/4″ thick Tivar 88 sheet that comes pre-scored to permit bending. This is important since Tivar 88 is not available in pipe format, so the solution must be made from sheet stock.

As you can see in the second picture there are not too many fixation points. There is a middle strip of plastic serves as a wedge, and the pressure alone holds the lining solution in place (though the strips on either side of the wedge also have fixation hardware, to help secure the wedge). Tivar 88 is a premium grade of UHMW polyethylene and its blue color is readily identifiable. It provides additional strength and slickness that virgin or reprocessed grades of UHMW do not. Tivar 88’s primary benefit is increased material flow and less material hangups. Secondarily, Tivar 88 provides a wear surface that protects the steel from wearing out.

Tivar 88’s lifespan will vary in applications but it is sacrificial, meaning that it will need to be replaced at some point. The performance benefits and increased life of the pipe do make up for the cost of the lining. While not important in this application, Tivar 88 does include UV stabilizer in its chemistry and is suitable for long-term outdoor use. The product also has a long history of success in hopper lining applications

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New UHMW Channel Profiles

Prolong the life of your chain and save costly downtime.

Redco UHMW Channels reduces wear on your chain, decreases noise, and saves maintenance costs. Redco UHMW channels are extruded and are designed to fit most bulk material handling chains. Already available in a wide variety of profiles, we have added two new profiles – 81 X E Trak Channel and 81XHH/C188 Channel.

Because of the abrasion properties of Redco UHMW channel, it will outlast steel in most applications, and unlike metals, it will not rust.

Applications include sawmills, planer-mills, pulp and paper, coal, cement, paper, grain, mining, and manufacturing. Lengths are stocked in 10′ sections.

  • Increases chain life
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Decreases maintenance costs
  • Reduces noise
  • Custom sizes available

Click HERE to view a PDF of all our standard and custom profiles.


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