Dura CRIB vs. Dura STAT

The two most popular products of our cribbing and blocking line are Redco “Dura Stat” and “Dura Crib”. Customers often request quotations on both, or confuse each product, but the differences are distinct and important enough to create a write up. The “Stat” is Dura stands for “static” it is designed solely for cribbed storage of equipment that is not dynamic, IE. no movement. An example of a Dura Stat application would be lowering an engine onto the cribbing for storage. The Dura Stat set up should not be moved after the load is placed.

It is very important for Dura Stat that what is being cribbed is loaded vertically. The product is not resilient to sheer pressure and could break. Also, as a non-interlocking product, there could be slipping issues as well. Dura Crib on the other hand, is meant to be stacked and is commonly available in interlocking forms it is designed to handle applications where there may be a little dynamic movement. An example of this application would have Dura Crib providing cribbing for a railway maintenance vehicle’s outrigger feet. The stack of cribbing will endure vibration and oscillation as the load shifts on the feet while the vehicle works.

For more information on our cribbing products please check out our First Responders literature available here.



First Responders Chocking Kits

With our new line of Redco cribbing and blocking the choices of various wedges, crib options and chocks can be overwhelming. It can be tough to figure out: what do you really need to be equipped to respond to that next call? Fortunately we have the Redco First Responders kits. These kits are designed to provide the tools you need as a first responder to stabilize a vehicle in those first critical moments of a call. Most kits are a combination of wedges, step chocks and lock blocks and are suited to different budgets and needs. The step chock component is probably the most recognizable as a large wedge with flat tiers on the top, and has a “staircase” look to it. The wedges are simply just that, wedges, and function where the step chock may not work due to its bulk. The lock blocks are the most versatile tool in the kit as they can be stacked to provide a stable cribbing surface, combined with the chock blocks to create a larger surface area, or even used on their own as a brace – for example, to place on a car seat where you may place a jack to expand a collapsed roof. There are several first responder kits but these three are likely to be the most popular:


(2) step chocks

(2) 3″ wedges

(1) 1B Lock Block

(1) 2B Lock Block

(1) yellow double wheel chock

(1) Carrying Bag 25″ x 15″ x 6″


COG step chock kit A:

(2) COG step chocks

(2) Lock block kits

(1) yellow lock block kit

(2) carrying bags


B.A.S.K. 2:

(4) SC1 black step chocks

(4) 4″ x 4″ x 20″ yellow wedges

(1) yellow double wheel chock

(2) BASK carrying bags

For a quotation on these first responder kits, or more information on the larger kits, please contact us today.