Industrial Plastic: Keeping You Safe

Plastics have an increasingly popular reputation as being a quality material for solving a variety of maintenance issues, while helping companies become more profitable. But industrial plastics do more than decreasing downtime and improving efficiency: they help keep you and your employees safe and in a variety of industries. Here are some specific examples of plastic helping to keep crews safe:

Anti-Slip Materials:

Many high-quality plastic solutions exist to reduce or eliminate slip hazards. BRAXX UHMW polyethylene is a sheet material that comes “studded” with a raised surface of sand or clean coal slag material and is available in blue or safety yellow. Sheets completely surfaced with LUNS clean coal slag are also available. The sheets can be cut to fit a variety of applications such as stair or ramp treads, boat launches, decking, or station surfacing in transit applications. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) stair treads are also an easy and economical way of providing an anti-slip surface to slippery stair surfaces, particularly wood or concrete.

FRP grating is also an excellent anti-slip solution in that it comes “standard” with a meniscus anti-slip surface. However, the panels are also commonly available with grit surfacing and can even be ordered specially with integrated grit.

Industries served: Sawmills, Construction, Large-Scale Manufacturing, Military, Transport, Food Processing, Amusement/Recreation

Safety Glass:

What is commonly called “safety glass” is often impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate takes an incredible amount of impact and can be procured in bullet-resistant grades. The plastic is available in scratch-resistant and UV-stable options for outdoor applications and also can be procured tinted in various colors, if required.

Industries served: Sawmills, mining, corrections, military, fabrication

Flame-Resistant Materials:

“Flame-retardant, anti-static” (FRAS) materials are critically important in underground mining applications. However, there are many flame-retardant plastic solutions available. These include phenolic grating and various industrial laminates.

Industries served: Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Power Generation

Non-Conductive Materials:

Many plastics, especially the virgin grades, are excellent electrical insulators. Industrial laminates (phenolics) such as FR-4 in particular have proven their value for many years. Other plastics, such as FRP grating, are electrically non-conductive and often specified into applications for this advantage alone.

Industries served: Utilities, Power Generation, and anywhere electrical hazards are an issue

Stabilizing Equipment:

Redco outrigger pads offer numerous advantages over wooden or metal outrigger pads. They do not rot, rust or support mold growth. They do not easily stick in soft soils, are lightweight and also easy to clean.

Industries served: Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Construction, Crane Service, Concrete Pumping, Tree Service

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Impact-Resistant Mirrors For Mining

In few other industries is equipment subjected to so much abuse as the mining industry. Materials with weak properties just don’t cut it! One piece of equipment that gets overlooked (until it fails) are mirrors for trucks in the mining industry. Years ago we were approached to assist in finding a solution for a mine as their truck mirrors were cracking and breaking due to impact and vibration. It ended up being a fairly straightforward product – mirrored polycarbonate. The polycarbonate comes in 4′ x 8′ sheets, given your measurements (length, width and corner radius) we can fabricate a mirror. To replace a broken mirror you simply take the broken piece out of the gasket set up and slide in our mirror. Polycarbonate is incredibly impact resistant and works very well in this application. We’ve supplied them as far away as Ukraine. In fact, they’re so popular that our Vancouver branch keeps a small stock of certain sizes as inquiries continue to flow in.

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BC Mining Week

BC Mining WeekMining is one of the oldest and largest industried in British Columbia, and each year, BC Mining week gives us the opportunity to recognize the importance of this industry in British Columbia. From April 28-May 4 of this year, BC mining week will be celebrated around the province with different activities and events held around the province.

The key focus of BC mining week this year is to collaborate with and support the communities around BC that play an integral role in the mining Industry. By holding meetings, symposiums, and events around the province, we can help spread knowledge and awareness of the important role this industry plays in both our history and our future.

Here are a few events around the province that we are looking forward to for BC Mining week:

1. BC Mining Week Kickoff & MPOY Reception

Monday April 29 – Five Sails Restaurant, Canada Place, Vancouver – 5:30-8:30pm.

This event will kickoff BC mining week, and will also present the Mining Person of the Year Award, which is an initiative of the Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) to publicly recognize an outstanding individual who has shown leadership in advancing and promoting the mining industry from, or within, British Columbia during the past year.

2. Elk Valley Mine Tours

April 20 – May 3 – One of Teck’s five operations in the Elk Valley, BC

Teck Coal is offering a free tour of one of their five operations in the Elk Valley of British Columbia. This will be an opportunity to see where steelmaking coal comes from and to learn about mining–from exploration to production to reclamation. To book a tour please contact the Sparwood Chamber: 1-877-922-2423.

3. The BC Mining Week Community Fair

May 1, 2013 – Creekside Community Centre, Vancouver BC – 10am – 3pm

The Community Fair is open to everyone and features displays, demonstrations and hands-on learning activities showcasing mineral exploration and mining the the role minerals play in our everyday lives. School children and the general public are invited to participate in this lively and entertaining day.

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Polycarbonate Mirrors for Mining Trucks

Back in October of 2012 Redwood Plastics was approached by a mining company located in Ukraine. The OEM mirrors on their mining trucks were shattering due the tough work environment and we were asked to help. High-quality plastic mirrored material is available in both Acrylic and Polycarbonate. Acrylic is easier to take care of , more resistant to certain solvents and does not scratch as easily as Polycarbonate; however, Polycarbonate has incredible strength. Acrylic is about 8x as strong as glass but Polycarbonate is around 250x as strong. Due to the breaking of the current mirrors, polycarbonate was selected due to its strength.

After obtaining measurements Redwood received an order for 31 mirrors. The mirrors were to be affixed to the existing frames by the crew at the mine. This is a new application Redwood has only worked with once before but it is just part of the expanding role in the mining industry we hope to be part of. We believe these mirrors are a common sense solution to OEM mirrors that break easily when taken off the showroom and into the pit mine.

The mirrors are surprisingly affordable and can be produced and shipped within a few short weeks of the purchase order.

If you work in the mining industry with large trucks, is not an inquiry on Redco™ Polycarbonate Mirrors worth a few minutes of your time? The maintenance savings in time and money over the life of these mirrors is well worth the effort.

An inquiry regarding these mirrors will be directly forwarded to Redwood’s contact who handles our Redco™ Polycarbonate Mirrors. If you are interested in these mirrors or other plastic solutions please contact us:

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Trends for 2013

The start of the new year brings fresh possibilities and the plastics industry is no exception. While accurately predicting trends is difficult, we think there is a good possibility the following products could greatly increase in popularity over the 2013 calender.

Plastics in Mining:

The mining industry suffers acutely from maintenance downtime. It’s simple – the amount of materials processed = more profits. To fund expensive mining operations every effeciency has to be maximized. Redco™ mining materials have experienced steady growth including established products such as Nylon pulleys and sheaves along with our emerging Redco™ products like house bump rollers and polycarbonate mirrors. As the benefits of plastics continue to prove themselves in the mining industry, we expect steady growth in 2013.

Click here to see our mining solutions video.

Outrigger Pads:

outrigger-pads-machined-grooveRedco™ outrigger pads are already very popular, especially in the oil sands region of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The pads are long-lasting, extremely strong, and will not rot or support microgranism growth. Some mobile crane and concrete pumping companies, for example, still use wooden (or metal) pads. However, as they notice the competition having switched over to the plastic pads, word-of-mouth will lead to a gradual shift in favor of pads that don’t need replacing for many years.

FRP Architectural Materials:

Redco™ Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) materials are already popular in industrial applications where corrosion, difficulty of maintenance and electrical hazards can make metal products undesirable. New FRP products like our Redco™ STRONGRAIL® we believe will make inroads in consumer applications such as new condominiums and beachfront housing. Unlike traditional materials, Redco™ STRONGRAIL® is maintenance free: it will not rot or require repainting yet is aesthetically pleasing.

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STRONGRAIL® is a registered trademarks of the Strongwell Corporation.

MINExpo 2012: Bringing Redwood to You

Day 3 is starting at MINExpo 2012 and it has been a great experience so far. Our booth was designed to have the distinct Redwood Plastics look and feel and it has been very well received. Take a look at our setup.

However, you probably don’t have the chance to come to sunny Las Vegas and see our booth #4521 in person. So we’re bringing the show to you…At least some of our mining solutions that we’re promoting there.

Redco™ Outrigger Pads

These pads are one of the easiest, most cost-effective solutions for the mining industry to implement. Mines are harsh environments: moisture, extreme cold and rapid temperature changes. Although metal and wood outrigger pads are commonly used, they are not the optimum material. Outriggers made from UHMW or Nylon do not rust or weaken due to moisture. They can handle temperature lows up to -80°c yet withstand 1,000,000 pounds of compressive force.

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Redco™ Premium Lining Solutions

Material hang-up is a frustration for any mine. Operations involving abrasive materials can damage truck beds, chutes and hoppers. Redco™ liners are very corrosion, chemical, and abrasion resistant with no moisture absorption. The liner is easy to install on-site; however, we also provide options to install the liner at our branches if the equipment can be transported there.

Click HERE to visit our dedicated liner website.

Redco™ Pads & Bumpers

Mining vehicles and equipment are an expensive investment for any operation. A problem that mining equipment faces is that so much of it is “super-sized” for the job. The larger the vehicle –  the more intense the wear. Protect your equipment from debris and abraison caused by rugged applications with our pads and bumpers designed to reduce wear, shock, and vibration.

Click HERE for more information on our pads and bumpers.

To sum up our products (and display a few more) check out our Mining Solutions video below.


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Plastics Makes Maintenance in Mining Easier

As pictured above, haul trucks and shovels used in mine sites have assigned numbers on all sides of the equipment. Currently made of aluminum and coated in reflective adhesive, these numbers are up to two feet tall and are typically tacked on with rubber-backed mounts.

Maintenance employees of many companies have expressed how unhappy they are with the integrity of these numbers. They get heavily abused and the grommets break and need to be repaired. Redwood Plastic has found a unique plastic solution to  solve this problem.

Starting with High-Visibility colored Redco 500 plastic, the numbers are water-jet cut and bolted to metal backing plates. The backing plates offer a strong foundation to tack the numbers to the equipment with welds that will hold strong without breaking.These highly visible numbers are much stronger and can withstand more wear and tear than the old material.

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