New FDA Food Safety Rules

The U.S. FDA is putting the finishing touches on some major rule changes and the rest of the world needs to take note (read more here). Why? Because these rules do not only affect domestic food but imports as well which must now be held to the same FDA standards. The emphasis of the new rules will be on prevention instead of reaction. Functionally, this means companies will be required to have a written, preventative food-safety plan that addresses food quality concerns. How do these rules relate to plastics? One word: contamination.

The threat of contamination is behind the development and recent proliferation of blue FDA approved plastics as well as X-ray and metal detectable acetals and UHMW-PE. These plastics could, and should, play a key role in preventative food safety moving forward. The plastics can be caught by detection machines if they ever break into the food and the blue plastic can be easily spotted by workers on the processing line. There is no excuse why these plastics cannot be implemented: they are FDA approved, have obvious advantages over traditional natural grades of plastic, and are available in several grades – even a FDA approved dryslide (extra low coefficient of friction) specialty grade! Like it or not, these new FDA rules are coming and formulating your preventative food safety plan should involve Redco foodsafe plastics.

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X-Ray Visible Plastics for Food Processing Now Available

We are proud to introduce another impressive plastic innovation! Redwood Plastics now offers X-ray detectable UHMW-PE, Acetal copolymer, and PEEK sheets and rods for machined parts and components used in the food processing industry.

The FDA has introduced the Food Safety Modernization act, and new regulations in place mandate that all food processors have extensive controls and safety programs. The FDA has the authority to recall food due to any kind of contamination and this can be extremely detrimental to your brand.

Normal use, wear and tear, and handling of plastic components on processing machinery presents the risk of contamination. Fragments can break off and enter the product during production. Most processors conduct quality checks at control points with either metal or x-ray detection systems. X-ray systems are preferred due to the food, and because the system can detect the contamination after packaging.

Redwood Plastics now offers Redco™ Polystone® M XDT and Redco™ Sustarin® C XDT. These are the most commonly used plastics in the for food processing. All of these Redco™ materials have been proven to be deteted in a particle as small as a 3mm cube on productions lines that run up to 250 feet-per-minute.

At Redwood Plastics, we’re creating unique innovation to give you peace of mind in food processing.

Redco™ Polystone® M XDT 

Redco™ Sustarin® C XDT

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x-ray-inspectionToday’s processors are turning to x-ray inspection equipment especially in post-package inspection. The need for traceable plastic machined parts for filling, sorting, and packaging machinery is critical due to strict FDA regulations regarding foreign materials and contaminants.

Redco Polystone M XDT has proven to be detected with a particle size as small as a 3mm cube at running speeds as fast as 250 feet-per-minute.


  • Scraper Blades
  • Fillers
  • Mixer Components
  • Wear Plates
  • Hopper Guides
  • Baffles
  • Pillow Blocks
  • Cups & Sleeve
  • Dividers

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