Coffee, Baseball, And Polycarbonate

Today we’re highlighting a recent application by our Spokane branch. Recently we were contacted by Dutch Bros. Coffee who has a location at Avista Stadium: home of the Spokane Indians baseball team. Dutch was looking for a clear plastic to protect their storefront signs and graphics. General-purpose polycarbonate was chosen for its excellent impact strength which will prevent breakage from anything from vandalism to accidental bumps. In addition, the polycarbonate is much more forgiving with drilling than acrylic – and several screws were tapped into the sheet. The polycarbonate was 3/16″ thick for this application. The picture below shows the completed application.

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To Drill or Not to Drill

Redwood Plastics has the ability to cut and drill most plastics to suit your needs. However, sometimes on-site fabrication is best. This is particularly the case with precision plastic applications where the plastic needs to be drilled for affixation on site. For indoor applications with a constant temperature there will be no problems. However, if the application is outdoors or has temperature fluctuations you may find the holes do not match your backing substrate. This is due to thermal expansion – plastics expand and contract due to temperature change. Most of the very high performance plastics, such as the imidized plastics, are quite dimensionally stable but many others are not. UHMW polyethylene for example has fairly poor dimensional stability and can often expand 1/2″ or more when exposed to a higher temperature at the time of installation. If this is not compensated for, the holes may not line up.

There are some recommendations to mitigate this effect. Leaving the plastic at the ambient temperature for 24 hours will let it “settle” but your best bet is to drill on-site if you are concerned. Note that if we do the drilling here at Redwood, we’ll need to know exactly where those holes go and what size they are. Accurate measurements will help you avoid disappointment in your application.

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BC Mining Week

BC Mining WeekMining is one of the oldest and largest industried in British Columbia, and each year, BC Mining week gives us the opportunity to recognize the importance of this industry in British Columbia. From April 28-May 4 of this year, BC mining week will be celebrated around the province with different activities and events held around the province.

The key focus of BC mining week this year is to collaborate with and support the communities around BC that play an integral role in the mining Industry. By holding meetings, symposiums, and events around the province, we can help spread knowledge and awareness of the important role this industry plays in both our history and our future.

Here are a few events around the province that we are looking forward to for BC Mining week:

1. BC Mining Week Kickoff & MPOY Reception

Monday April 29 – Five Sails Restaurant, Canada Place, Vancouver – 5:30-8:30pm.

This event will kickoff BC mining week, and will also present the Mining Person of the Year Award, which is an initiative of the Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) to publicly recognize an outstanding individual who has shown leadership in advancing and promoting the mining industry from, or within, British Columbia during the past year.

2. Elk Valley Mine Tours

April 20 – May 3 – One of Teck’s five operations in the Elk Valley, BC

Teck Coal is offering a free tour of one of their five operations in the Elk Valley of British Columbia. This will be an opportunity to see where steelmaking coal comes from and to learn about mining–from exploration to production to reclamation. To book a tour please contact the Sparwood Chamber: 1-877-922-2423.

3. The BC Mining Week Community Fair

May 1, 2013 – Creekside Community Centre, Vancouver BC – 10am – 3pm

The Community Fair is open to everyone and features displays, demonstrations and hands-on learning activities showcasing mineral exploration and mining the the role minerals play in our everyday lives. School children and the general public are invited to participate in this lively and entertaining day.

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Tracking With UHMW

Last fall our branch manager in Spokane was contacted regarding an issue with some farming equipment. The vehicle was tracked and the rubber guide blocks on the inside of the track were glued on and would eventually break off. Ruined_Cattrack

The only solution our customer knew of was to invest in brand new tracks, despite the existing track being in good condition – except for the rubber blocks.

However, our solution was to machine replacement blocks out of  reprocessed UHMW  and bolt them to the track. UHMW does not absorb moisture, is impact and abrasion esistant – much more so than rubber. This provided the customer with a long-lasting and cost-effective solution.

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