Industry Spotlight: Construction

The construction industry is a cornerstone customer for Redwood Plastics and Rubber. We supply a vast array of stock shapes and fabricated parts to construction firms across the world. However, there are a few applications that are worth special attention.

  • Dynamex() elastomeric bearing pads: We offer a wide line of rubber elastomeric bearing pads to meet a variety of specifications. We can also meet testing requirements.
  • Redco MD sheaves: Our sheaves using wear-resistant moly-filled (MD) nylon are popular for use by cranes.
  • FRP grating, handrails, and ladders: Fiberglass reinforced plastic offers substantial weight savings and other benefits over similar metal alternatives.
  • Outrigger pads: UHMW or nylon outrigger pads offer a long-lasting, weight-saving proven alternative to metal or wood pads.
  • Pile driving cushions: Redco IRG nylon pile driving cushions can be provided in any required size and come with heat-dissipative additives. No minimum order on cushions.
  • Rise-It Paver Pedestal System: Our premium support system for hardscape pavers.
  • Switchblade Belt Scrapers: Polyurethane belt scrapers with replaceable blades.

We can assist with many other construction related applications, for details on these or for help with your application please contact us today.

Case Study: Marine Fendering

Recently Redwood Plastics was approached by a large California-based construction contractor for assistance with a marine fendering project involving an electromagnetic detector array. The application had called for Redco HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) however, lead times on the HDPE as thick as specified would be too long. We came up with the idea of bolting two pieces of thinner UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) polyethylene. The UHMW had better all-around properties anyways making it a superior choice. The availability of the UHMW meant we could hit the lead time required of the contractor and earn the business. We recently have had several inquiries on our ability to custom fabricate marine fenders and we’d enjoy helping out with yours. Pictures of the blocks and application are below.

If you require assistance with your project contact us today.

Concrete Buffing Pads

Concrete contractors that specialize in commercial concrete flooring sometimes require smoother finishes with a highly polished surface than can be cleaned and waxed on a regular basis.

Typically the troweling blades on the polishing equipment are made of metal but Redco™ Recycled UHMW are an economical alternative that perform very well and have replaced the metal blades on many of our clients equipment.

Pictures of the disks (52” in diameter, with 3 1/2” holes).


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