Tuffkast and the Storm of 2006

Redwood Plastics has been in business for over 40 years with a long track record of success across a variety of applications. One of our proudest moments was our installation of Redco™ Tuffkast fenders at the B.C. Ferries terminals in Tsawwassen. These were essentially huge rubber-backed shock pads with Redco™ Tuffkast bonded to rubber. The large Tuffkast pads were actually a collection of smaller Redco™ Tuffkast “cells.” 

Not long after their installation they faced the harshest of tests.

On December 14, 2006 the Hanukkah Eve Wind Storm slammed the Pacific Coast. The storm caused over 356 million dollars of damage on the coast and resulted in 18 fatalities. Over 1,000 trees in Vancouver (many in Stanley Park) were uprooted and at it’s peak B.C. Hydro reported 250,000 customers without power.

B.C. Ferry service was disrupted and the ferries at dock were at the mercy of the wind. They repeatedly slammed intoTuffkast-Dock-Fenders their docks. When the storm subsided; however, only one cell of one fender was damaged. Not by simple impact, but by a sharp protruding part of the ferry and even then the cell was easily repaired and not detached from the fender. B.C. Ferries employees noted that were it not for the Redco™ shock pads the wooden docks would have likely been destroyed.

So what is this stuff?

Redco™ Tuffkast is actually a mix of Type 6 and Type 12 Nylon. It has high impact and abrasion resistance, combining the tensile and compressive properties of Type 6 Nylon with the wear resistance of polyurethane. Furthermore, it is much more moisture resistant than regular Nylon, which is why Tuffkast was a good fit for a marine application such as the ferry dock.

Redco™ Tuffkast is available in three grades: Regular 025, 020 grade (carriage wheel grade), 015 oil-impregnated and finally the purple 010 solid lubricant grade. Tuffkast is a good choice for a variety of applications including gears, sprockets, valves, impact pads, sheaves and many more. Also very important is Tuffkast’s increased performance in cold, cold being the Achilles’ heel of regular Nylon.

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Urethane Solves Coal Plant Frustrations

A coal plant in British Columbia had a big problem. The plant used cyclone intake tubes made of either steel or polyethylene for the coal to traverse, but the properties of those two materials were causing maintenance headaches. The steel pipes were corroding and extremely heavy, making them difficult to maintain as the pipes were located in a difficult to access area of the plant. The polyethylene pipes could not handle the harsh abrasion they were subjected to by the coal.

Urethanes; however, provided an excellent replacement material due to their remarkable properties resisting wear and impact. Redwood, in conjunction with our urethane manufacturer, created a mold for a new design of cyclone intake tube. The tubes were made of impact-resistant urethane, have no seams, and are light and easy to maintain. These tubes were recently installed and are now online.

Redwood Plastics are experts in creative solutions to tough applications. In conjunction with our manufacturers and suppliers we can help to solve issues of noise, wear, and abrasion making sure the optimal material is used in the application. This reduces maintenance costs, equipment downtime, and ultimately saves money.

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Plastic Liner Solutions for Impact & Wear

An easy to install drop in liner for hoppers with impingement and impact wear problems.


Plastic liners ideal for sand or crushed rock in-feeds and hoppers in aggregate, concrete batch plant and mining applications. This new system involves Redco 430 cast directly onto a steel leading edge protector molded to the dimensions of the sides of the hopper.

Installation is fast and easy and can be replaced with very little down time. Redwood Plastics offers on site liner installation  support. Contact us for more plastic liner solutions that can increase production and save wear on your equipment.

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