Tuff-Tube Saves Spouts, Saves Money

In the agriculture industry aggregate spouts cause major maintenance headaches. The spouts distribute material like grain, fertilizer and seeds which are highly abrasive. Spout liners have existed to reduce abrasion as replacing the spout is very expensive; however, these liners often have seems which eventually crumple and require replacement of the liner and worse, the accompanying downtime.redco-tufftube

To replace a spout liner has traditionally been a large issue in itself. A crane usually must be called in twice to remove the spout for lining. Cranes are very expensive to rent and this results in further downtime. Fortunately, there is now a solution that addresses all these problems and we our pleased to announce our distribution of Redco™ Tuff-Tube.

Tuff-tube is a seamless one-piece liner made of resilient 80A durometer urethane. Equivalent to harder rubber but with exceptional impingement resistance. Tuff-Tube liner is easily installed requiring only a few minutes and one use of a crane. No elevator bolts are required to stabilize the liner. The Tuff-Tube design ensures that it is impossible for the liner to be fold due to movement of material. To add additional value, once it wears, Tuff-Tube can be easily rotated 180 degrees to expose an unworn surface thus effectively doubling the life of the product.

We believe Redco™ Tuff-Tube to be an outstanding addition to the Redwood Plastics line. For more information click here or contact us today.

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Urethane Solves Coal Plant Frustrations

A coal plant in British Columbia had a big problem. The plant used cyclone intake tubes made of either steel or polyethylene for the coal to traverse, but the properties of those two materials were causing maintenance headaches. The steel pipes were corroding and extremely heavy, making them difficult to maintain as the pipes were located in a difficult to access area of the plant. The polyethylene pipes could not handle the harsh abrasion they were subjected to by the coal.

Urethanes; however, provided an excellent replacement material due to their remarkable properties resisting wear and impact. Redwood, in conjunction with our urethane manufacturer, created a mold for a new design of cyclone intake tube. The tubes were made of impact-resistant urethane, have no seams, and are light and easy to maintain. These tubes were recently installed and are now online.

Redwood Plastics are experts in creative solutions to tough applications. In conjunction with our manufacturers and suppliers we can help to solve issues of noise, wear, and abrasion making sure the optimal material is used in the application. This reduces maintenance costs, equipment downtime, and ultimately saves money.

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Plastics Makes Maintenance in Mining Easier

As pictured above, haul trucks and shovels used in mine sites have assigned numbers on all sides of the equipment. Currently made of aluminum and coated in reflective adhesive, these numbers are up to two feet tall and are typically tacked on with rubber-backed mounts.

Maintenance employees of many companies have expressed how unhappy they are with the integrity of these numbers. They get heavily abused and the grommets break and need to be repaired. Redwood Plastic has found a unique plastic solution to  solve this problem.

Starting with High-Visibility colored Redco 500 plastic, the numbers are water-jet cut and bolted to metal backing plates. The backing plates offer a strong foundation to tack the numbers to the equipment with welds that will hold strong without breaking.These highly visible numbers are much stronger and can withstand more wear and tear than the old material.

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Withstanding Impact & Wear


Redwood Plastics has the knowledge and experience to know what materials work best in a variety of industrial applications. Not all plastics are created equal and we will help you determine which material is the best for your application. Just like we did for this cedar mill…

A  “motor mount” UHMW bracket was wearing prematurely in a cedar mill application. It was a 2 piece UH bearing that supported a diverter arm assembly that rotates about 45 degrees. It was operated by an air system which had very fast movement and impact. The shaft was also a Schedule 80 Pipe that had the arms welded on in-house and thus was not perfectly straight. The shaft had five mount points and the original parts were replaced every 6-8 weeks.

They wanted a solution that would take the impact and also compensate for the pipe variation.

The solution was a Redco urethane unit design with a 750 (hardness) inner ring for the wear point, an 80A(hardness) outer shell for the impact with metal inserts to allow for a solid mount. The new Redco urethane parts vastly outlasted the UHMW parts and over 100 parts have now been replaced with the new Redco urethane bracket.

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Mining Solutions Come in Plastic

redco-rubberRedco Polyurethane & Rubber dump box belly pads and dragline house rolls protect costly equipment from damage and keep workers safe amongst massive equipment.

These parts are fairly large and carry a hefty cost from the OEM manufacturers. The dragline house rolls aid in guiding the massive shovel cables and keep them away from the operator’s cabin.

The belly pads fit between the box and the frame of the dump trucks. The units use ten pads per truck and are part of a regular scheduled maintenance.

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Redco Plastics Can Take a Beating


Redwood Plastics has an extensive line up of materials that will withstand the most heavy hitting applications. Below is a list of some products that are available for your most demanding application.

The slickest, strongest and toughest with superior abrasion resistance to extend the life of your machinery.

• Lasts longer than Virgin UHMW
• Reduced chain wear
• CUSTOM channel profiles available
• Channel Inserts 81x (r-5007), 81xH, H78


Boltless sprocket for easy installation and reduced maintenance. Reduces damage to equipment and product.


Absorbs energy to eliminate bounce back ad vibration. Installing Redco Deadplate reduces damage to your equipment and your product.

Withstands heavy impact to reinforce structural stability.

Low coefficient of friction to increase chain life.

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NEW – Boltless Sprocket

Redwood Plastics introduces its newest innovation; a new sprocket design that requires no bolts, no tools and no welding to install and gives every benefit that the industry has come to expect from tough Redco 750 polyurethane sprockets – reduce cost, less chain and equipment wear and significant noise reduction.

Redco Snap It Sprocket

Redco Snap It Sprocket


Redco™ Snap It Sprocket requires no bolts and is easy and quick to assemble; simply match the arrows on the a-plate and snap together.


Redco™ Snap It Sprocket is designed to be interchangeable to reduce your inventory levels and is much less expensive than split steel sprockets.


Redco 750 has excellent abrasion and wear resistance with high impact values. Not only is Redco 750 much less expensive than steel but it also drastically reduces noise levels and has a longer wear life.

  • No chain wear and no shaft wear
  • Kraftmill pulp safe
  • Available for H-78, H-130, C-188 and 81X chains.
  • Compatible with split hubs and a-plates
  • All hub bores are finished to size with running clearances and grease fitting.
  • Fits on any a-plate from 9 to 15 tooth.

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