Coffee, Baseball, And Polycarbonate

Today we’re highlighting a recent application by our Spokane branch. Recently we were contacted by Dutch Bros. Coffee who has a location at Avista Stadium: home of the Spokane Indians baseball team. Dutch was looking for a clear plastic to protect their storefront signs and graphics. General-purpose polycarbonate was chosen for its excellent impact strength which will prevent breakage from anything from vandalism to accidental bumps. In addition, the polycarbonate is much more forgiving with drilling than acrylic – and several screws were tapped into the sheet. The polycarbonate was 3/16″ thick for this application. The picture below shows the completed application.

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Greenhouse Season Calls For Twin-Wall Polycarbonate

After this unusually brutal winter in many parts of North America, people are finally starting to “pick up the pieces” and are getting hopeful with the first signs of spring. With that, many gardening enthusiasts start to think of the work that needs to be done outdoors. For some, that may mean greenhouse maintenance or a new greenhouse altogether and if so, twin-wall polycarbonate should be strongly considered for the wall and roofing material.

Twin-wall polycarbonate is a corrugated economy grade of polycarbonate specifically designed for use in greenhouses and awnings. Unlike standard “smooth” polycarbonate, twin-wall comes standard UV stable on one side, meant to be installed facing outwards. Traditional polycarbonate sheets do not come UV-stable in their general-purpose form, commonly stocked by plastic companies. In addition, the twin-wall sheet is actually made up of plastic cells which help trap heat: critical for a greenhouse! The product is most commonly available in clear (which you would want for a greenhouse) but can be brought in on special order in bronze (more popular for outdoor awnings).

One important misconception about twin or multi-wall polycarbonate is that “thicker = better”. In general, that’s not true. The reason being is that users sometimes do not take into account that while the thicker material does trap more heat, it also lets in subsequently less light. So while you might have a warmer greenhouse you will also have one where the plants may take longer to grow and crop yields might be disappointing. Customers tend to find that large-scale industrial greenhouses use thicker multi-wall polycarbonate and assume this transfers directly to their application but that is an oversimplification: industrial greenhouse operations often have the benefit of artificial lighting to compensate for loss of light transference through the plastic. Something that most small home greenhouses do not have. For more information on this you might be interested in this blog post: Multi-Wall Polycarbonate: Beware Tradeoffs

We have found that 4′ x 10′ x 6mm clear twin-wall sheets offer the best balance of properties for home greenhouse applications. We have had satisfied customers from the wet coasts to the frigid northern prairies of Canada – so we believe for the home consumer thicker multi-wall may not be cost-effective for what you actually need.

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The Glazings

We encounter plastics everyday of our life; however, engineering plastics tend not to be seen by the public often. An exception would be our plastic glazing materials: polycarbonate and acrylic. These clear materials are an impressive combination of engineering-grade properties combined with reasonable cost. They  have valuable applications for both the average consumer to large contractors and can be seen in many applications from sports stadiums to art.


Acrylic is arguably the most beautiful plastic and is commonly encountered in art and small applications. Acrylic is strong, easy to fabricate and has natural UV-inhibiting properties.Acrylic_tank_art

Redco™ Acrylic is available in multiple thicknesses, colors* and most branches carry 4′ x 8′ sheets in several thicknesses.


Redco™ polycarbonate is one of the most impact resistant plastics available. Just run a YouTube search for “polycarbonate strength test” and watch a few video clips! Redco™ polycarbonate is available in options such as with UV-inhibitors or added scratch resistance. Of particular Multi_Wall_Polycarbonate_Sheetinginterest is our twin-wall variety. Twin-wall polycarbonate has the strength you would expect from PC, combined with high values for light translucency and R-value (heat insulation) and an economical price.

The combination of these three properties make twin-wall polycarbonate an ideal solution for your greenhouse application. It is also excellent for customized outdoor awnings. For further information on working with polycarbonate please check out our website for “diy” plastic solutions:

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Polycarbonate Mirrors for Mining Trucks

Back in October of 2012 Redwood Plastics was approached by a mining company located in Ukraine. The OEM mirrors on their mining trucks were shattering due the tough work environment and we were asked to help. High-quality plastic mirrored material is available in both Acrylic and Polycarbonate. Acrylic is easier to take care of , more resistant to certain solvents and does not scratch as easily as Polycarbonate; however, Polycarbonate has incredible strength. Acrylic is about 8x as strong as glass but Polycarbonate is around 250x as strong. Due to the breaking of the current mirrors, polycarbonate was selected due to its strength.

After obtaining measurements Redwood received an order for 31 mirrors. The mirrors were to be affixed to the existing frames by the crew at the mine. This is a new application Redwood has only worked with once before but it is just part of the expanding role in the mining industry we hope to be part of. We believe these mirrors are a common sense solution to OEM mirrors that break easily when taken off the showroom and into the pit mine.

The mirrors are surprisingly affordable and can be produced and shipped within a few short weeks of the purchase order.

If you work in the mining industry with large trucks, is not an inquiry on Redco™ Polycarbonate Mirrors worth a few minutes of your time? The maintenance savings in time and money over the life of these mirrors is well worth the effort.

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Polycarbonate Stadium Roof in Regina

On September 19th the plans for the new stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan were revealed. The stadium is part of the new “Regina Revitalization Initiative” aimed at growing business and developing infostructure at the former rail yard.

The stadium’s designer, Dipesh Patel, plans on using an innovative polycarbonate and cloth roof that will be transparent, yet control heat. The “spiderwork” pattern is reminiscant of Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” stadium from the 2008 Olympics. Here is some of the concept art they have released:



 This application shows just some of the potential polycarbonate has. Redco™ Polycarbonate is remarkably easy to work with, as it’s often used in homemade applications such as greenhouses. Polycarbonate is incredibly strong: much more than glass or acrylic and has similar insulated values to insulated glass. Redco™ Polycarbonate is often used by industry in hazardous areas to prevent injury to workers by shielding them from debris.

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