Recent Developments With Plastic Technology

We’ve written a lot about various plastics and applications but there is also exciting news on the horizon with new plastics and plastic technologies being developed. We try to share these on our social media whenever possible but we understand not everyone checks social media or, unfortunately, even knows where to find us! Some news over the past few months that is worth highlighting.

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And who knows what will be discovered in 2016!

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MINExpo 2012: Bringing Redwood to You

Day 3 is starting at MINExpo 2012 and it has been a great experience so far. Our booth was designed to have the distinct Redwood Plastics look and feel and it has been very well received. Take a look at our setup.

However, you probably don’t have the chance to come to sunny Las Vegas and see our booth #4521 in person. So we’re bringing the show to you…At least some of our mining solutions that we’re promoting there.

Redco™ Outrigger Pads

These pads are one of the easiest, most cost-effective solutions for the mining industry to implement. Mines are harsh environments: moisture, extreme cold and rapid temperature changes. Although metal and wood outrigger pads are commonly used, they are not the optimum material. Outriggers made from UHMW or Nylon do not rust or weaken due to moisture. They can handle temperature lows up to -80°c yet withstand 1,000,000 pounds of compressive force.

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Redco™ Premium Lining Solutions

Material hang-up is a frustration for any mine. Operations involving abrasive materials can damage truck beds, chutes and hoppers. Redco™ liners are very corrosion, chemical, and abrasion resistant with no moisture absorption. The liner is easy to install on-site; however, we also provide options to install the liner at our branches if the equipment can be transported there.

Click HERE to visit our dedicated liner website.

Redco™ Pads & Bumpers

Mining vehicles and equipment are an expensive investment for any operation. A problem that mining equipment faces is that so much of it is “super-sized” for the job. The larger the vehicle –  the more intense the wear. Protect your equipment from debris and abraison caused by rugged applications with our pads and bumpers designed to reduce wear, shock, and vibration.

Click HERE for more information on our pads and bumpers.

To sum up our products (and display a few more) check out our Mining Solutions video below.


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Polycarbonate Stadium Roof in Regina

On September 19th the plans for the new stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan were revealed. The stadium is part of the new “Regina Revitalization Initiative” aimed at growing business and developing infostructure at the former rail yard.

The stadium’s designer, Dipesh Patel, plans on using an innovative polycarbonate and cloth roof that will be transparent, yet control heat. The “spiderwork” pattern is reminiscant of Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” stadium from the 2008 Olympics. Here is some of the concept art they have released:



 This application shows just some of the potential polycarbonate has. Redco™ Polycarbonate is remarkably easy to work with, as it’s often used in homemade applications such as greenhouses. Polycarbonate is incredibly strong: much more than glass or acrylic and has similar insulated values to insulated glass. Redco™ Polycarbonate is often used by industry in hazardous areas to prevent injury to workers by shielding them from debris.

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Redwood Plastics Opens NEW Branch in 
Saskatoon, SK.

Saskatoon, SK – October 1, 2010 –Redwood Plastics is excited to announce the opening of their new location in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in Unit B -3543 Millar Ave.

The new facility will be managed by Dale Holan, who has been with Redwood Plastics for over nine years and has experience at all levels of the business. The facility will house a large variety of in-stock materials including; Redco UHMW, Redco Polyurethane, Redco Nylon, Prismagrate FRP Grating and much more.

saskatoon branchSaskatchewan has a growing economy with large investments being made in the mining and resource industries. Redwood Plastics hopes to benefit from these investments and bring many new applications in plastics to the various industries within Saskatchewan as it has done with great success in its other locations throughout North America.

About Redwood Plastics

Redwood Plastics will be celebrating its 40th year in business this year, supplying solutions in plastic for a variety of problems including shock, abrasion, noise, wear & friction. In partnership with their manufacturing divisions, Redwood Plastics molds, machines and fabricates a wide range of high quality custom components for numerous industries.

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Growth for Polyurethanes Industry

In a Press Release dated June 17, 2008, Neeva-Gayle Candelor of the Center for Polyurethanes Industry sates:


“The importance of polyurethane
materials and systems for delivering energy efficiency, durability, and
flexibility of design and function is clearly on the rise in literally dozens of industries and applications around the world. In recent years, the global polyurethanes industry has also
demonstrated remarkable progress and commitment toward introducing high-performance materials with renewable content while reducing emissions and improving process efficiencies.” 

-Green means growth for global
polyurethanes industry, June 17, 2008 Press Release from The American
Chemistry Council.

New at BC Plastics Store: Spiral Hose Wrap

Stop Costly Replacement & Down Time Due to Hose Failure with RedcoTM Spiral Hose Wrap. The most protective cover for your cables & hoses.

• Crush Protection
• Abrasion Protection
• Bundling

Cover and protect hose, wire and cables against chaffing, rubbing, crushing, kinking, ultraviolet weathering and other environmental factors which can lead to premature hose failure, downtime and costly repairs.

BC Plastics Store:

Conductive Polymers Growth

March 19, 2008:

BCC forecasts 5.4% annual growth rate over next five years. The global market for conductive polymers is expected to reach 314.7 million pounds (143,000 tonnes) in 2008. In a forecast from US-based BCC Research, the market is set to increase to over 409 million pounds (186,000 tonnes) by 2013, at a compound annual growth rate of 5.4%.BCC divides the overall electroactive polymer market into applications of conductive polymers and inherently conductive polymers (ICPs). Of these, conductive polymers have the largest share of the market.Conductive polymer demand is forecast to be 311 million pounds in 2008, and will grow at a 5.3% annual rate to 402 million pounds by the end of 2013.BCC said conductive polymers have been commercial for many years, and have benefited as ways have been sought to protect electronics against electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic interference.ICPs will account for 3.7 million pounds of the overall market in 2008. But BCC believes they will have a fast annual growth rate of 15.8% to reach 7.9 million pounds in 2013.BCC said: “Many scientists and corporations remain optimistic about ICPs, and hundreds of papers and patents on ICPs are published each year. ICPs have started to slowly penetrate the traditional conductive plastics market in electrostatic coatings.”Capacitors are currently the largest ICP application, followed by ESD, sensors, textiles and corrosion protection.

Potential conductive polymer applications include: electrostatic dissipation control, antistatic packaging, light emitting displays, capacitors, electrostatic paintable plastics, corrosion-resistant paints/coatings and electrostatic spray painting.
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