Impact-Resistant Mirrors For Mining

In few other industries is equipment subjected to so much abuse as the mining industry. Materials with weak properties just don’t cut it! One piece of equipment that gets overlooked (until it fails) are mirrors for trucks in the mining industry. Years ago we were approached to assist in finding a solution for a mine as their truck mirrors were cracking and breaking due to impact and vibration. It ended up being a fairly straightforward product – mirrored polycarbonate. The polycarbonate comes in 4′ x 8′ sheets, given your measurements (length, width and corner radius) we can fabricate a mirror. To replace a broken mirror you simply take the broken piece out of the gasket set up and slide in our mirror. Polycarbonate is incredibly impact resistant and works very well in this application. We’ve supplied them as far away as Ukraine. In fact, they’re so popular that our Vancouver branch keeps a small stock of certain sizes as inquiries continue to flow in.

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MINExpo 2012: Bringing Redwood to You

Day 3 is starting at MINExpo 2012 and it has been a great experience so far. Our booth was designed to have the distinct Redwood Plastics look and feel and it has been very well received. Take a look at our setup.

However, you probably don’t have the chance to come to sunny Las Vegas and see our booth #4521 in person. So we’re bringing the show to you…At least some of our mining solutions that we’re promoting there.

Redco™ Outrigger Pads

These pads are one of the easiest, most cost-effective solutions for the mining industry to implement. Mines are harsh environments: moisture, extreme cold and rapid temperature changes. Although metal and wood outrigger pads are commonly used, they are not the optimum material. Outriggers made from UHMW or Nylon do not rust or weaken due to moisture. They can handle temperature lows up to -80°c yet withstand 1,000,000 pounds of compressive force.

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Redco™ Premium Lining Solutions

Material hang-up is a frustration for any mine. Operations involving abrasive materials can damage truck beds, chutes and hoppers. Redco™ liners are very corrosion, chemical, and abrasion resistant with no moisture absorption. The liner is easy to install on-site; however, we also provide options to install the liner at our branches if the equipment can be transported there.

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Redco™ Pads & Bumpers

Mining vehicles and equipment are an expensive investment for any operation. A problem that mining equipment faces is that so much of it is “super-sized” for the job. The larger the vehicle –  the more intense the wear. Protect your equipment from debris and abraison caused by rugged applications with our pads and bumpers designed to reduce wear, shock, and vibration.

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To sum up our products (and display a few more) check out our Mining Solutions video below.


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Plastics Makes Maintenance in Mining Easier

As pictured above, haul trucks and shovels used in mine sites have assigned numbers on all sides of the equipment. Currently made of aluminum and coated in reflective adhesive, these numbers are up to two feet tall and are typically tacked on with rubber-backed mounts.

Maintenance employees of many companies have expressed how unhappy they are with the integrity of these numbers. They get heavily abused and the grommets break and need to be repaired. Redwood Plastic has found a unique plastic solution to  solve this problem.

Starting with High-Visibility colored Redco 500 plastic, the numbers are water-jet cut and bolted to metal backing plates. The backing plates offer a strong foundation to tack the numbers to the equipment with welds that will hold strong without breaking.These highly visible numbers are much stronger and can withstand more wear and tear than the old material.

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New UHMW Channel Profiles

Prolong the life of your chain and save costly downtime.

Redco UHMW Channels reduces wear on your chain, decreases noise, and saves maintenance costs. Redco UHMW channels are extruded and are designed to fit most bulk material handling chains. Already available in a wide variety of profiles, we have added two new profiles – 81 X E Trak Channel and 81XHH/C188 Channel.

Because of the abrasion properties of Redco UHMW channel, it will outlast steel in most applications, and unlike metals, it will not rust.

Applications include sawmills, planer-mills, pulp and paper, coal, cement, paper, grain, mining, and manufacturing. Lengths are stocked in 10′ sections.

  • Increases chain life
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Decreases maintenance costs
  • Reduces noise
  • Custom sizes available

Click HERE to view a PDF of all our standard and custom profiles.


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Mining Solutions Come in Plastic

redco-rubberRedco Polyurethane & Rubber dump box belly pads and dragline house rolls protect costly equipment from damage and keep workers safe amongst massive equipment.

These parts are fairly large and carry a hefty cost from the OEM manufacturers. The dragline house rolls aid in guiding the massive shovel cables and keep them away from the operator’s cabin.

The belly pads fit between the box and the frame of the dump trucks. The units use ten pads per truck and are part of a regular scheduled maintenance.

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Plastic Liner Solutions for Impact & Wear

An easy to install drop in liner for hoppers with impingement and impact wear problems.


Plastic liners ideal for sand or crushed rock in-feeds and hoppers in aggregate, concrete batch plant and mining applications. This new system involves Redco 430 cast directly onto a steel leading edge protector molded to the dimensions of the sides of the hopper.

Installation is fast and easy and can be replaced with very little down time. Redwood Plastics offers on site liner installation  support. Contact us for more plastic liner solutions that can increase production and save wear on your equipment.


Save Your Cylinders

REDCO™ SEAL SAVER* (*patented)

“SEAL SAVER” is a protective cylinder cover that has proven to extend the cylinder life three-fold and beyond. This simple to install product (no disassembly of the cylinder is required) is now being utilized around the world in the toughest environments (quarries, mining, steel mills, demolition, ready mix concrete, etc.).



The *patented “SEAL SAVER”* opens and closes like an accordion as the cylinder works. It keeps dirt, sand, and grit (all of which cause scoring and damage to the seals) off the rod. The hidden feature to this product is that it keeps the silt-sized particles from entering the hydraulic system via the seals and contaminating the system. Once in the system, these silt-sized particles act as a lapping compound. It is this build-up that begins wearing on the valves and pumps. 700f hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminated (dirty) oil. If you stop the ingress of these contaminants, the oil filter can do it’s job (keep the system clean).

Depending on the application, several types of materials are used to manufacture this unique product. In addition to the standard Ballistic woven nylon, special materials include Kevlar (for very abrasive conditions), Aluminized Kevlar (for high abrasion and heat), and two grades of Aluminized Silica Cloth (for high heat and extremely high heat). When determining if you should use this type of protection, you should consider the price of replacing or rebuilding a cylinder, as well as the labor and downtime costs involved. When you add it all up, this product is simply “Intelligent Preventative Maintenance”.

DESIGNED TO FIT: Case, Caterpillar, Chute Cylinders, Daewoo, Hitachi, John Deere, Kawasaki, Kobelco, Komatsu, Liebherr, Linkbelt, Ready Mix Concrete Equipment, Volvo

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*”SEAL SAVER” is patented by Fluid Control Services.