Industry Spotlight: Construction

The construction industry is a cornerstone customer for Redwood Plastics and Rubber. We supply a vast array of stock shapes and fabricated parts to construction firms across the world. However, there are a few applications that are worth special attention.

  • Dynamex() elastomeric bearing pads: We offer a wide line of rubber elastomeric bearing pads to meet a variety of specifications. We can also meet testing requirements.
  • Redco MD sheaves: Our sheaves using wear-resistant moly-filled (MD) nylon are popular for use by cranes.
  • FRP grating, handrails, and ladders: Fiberglass reinforced plastic offers substantial weight savings and other benefits over similar metal alternatives.
  • Outrigger pads: UHMW or nylon outrigger pads offer a long-lasting, weight-saving proven alternative to metal or wood pads.
  • Pile driving cushions: Redco IRG nylon pile driving cushions can be provided in any required size and come with heat-dissipative additives. No minimum order on cushions.
  • Rise-It Paver Pedestal System: Our premium support system for hardscape pavers.
  • Switchblade Belt Scrapers: Polyurethane belt scrapers with replaceable blades.

We can assist with many other construction related applications, for details on these or for help with your application please contact us today.

S.O.S (Save Our Seals)

We see hydraulics everywhere – just a simple glance at a construction site will reveal a variety of equipment such as bulldozers and excavators – all with gleaming hydraulic pistons working all day long.

Have you ever considered the effect dirt and large particulates might have if they got into the system?seal-saver-1

It is a problem that unfortunately not enough equipment owners think about. The replacement of a hydraulic system can be very expensive and result in long equipment down times that further hurt your bottom line. However, this need not be the case. A “Seal Saver” protective sheath protects your hydraulics from particles and is a smart investment to make.

seal-saver-2[1]A Seal Saver is a custom made plastic sheath and comes in several grades – standard ballistic nylon, kevlar, aluminized kevlar and aluminized silica cloth. The latter four grades were designed for varying degrees of high-temperature, high-abrasion applications. They flex like an “accordion” with the piston while protecting it from particulate matter.

While every Seal Saver is a custom solution – they are easy to order. Simply fill out the PDF Seal Saver specification form on our website here and send it to our email address and we will assist you from there. A Seal Saver is a simple, effective solution to help protect your expensive hydraulics when particulates may be a threat.

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Polycarbonate Stadium Roof in Regina

On September 19th the plans for the new stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan were revealed. The stadium is part of the new “Regina Revitalization Initiative” aimed at growing business and developing infostructure at the former rail yard.

The stadium’s designer, Dipesh Patel, plans on using an innovative polycarbonate and cloth roof that will be transparent, yet control heat. The “spiderwork” pattern is reminiscant of Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” stadium from the 2008 Olympics. Here is some of the concept art they have released:



 This application shows just some of the potential polycarbonate has. Redco™ Polycarbonate is remarkably easy to work with, as it’s often used in homemade applications such as greenhouses. Polycarbonate is incredibly strong: much more than glass or acrylic and has similar insulated values to insulated glass. Redco™ Polycarbonate is often used by industry in hazardous areas to prevent injury to workers by shielding them from debris.

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Maintenance Free – No Painting or Staining

With ‘greener’ initiatives gaining momentum and pressure being placed on municipalities to spear head programs so that they can be associated as being environmentally focused – Redco™ Greenplus Recycled Plastic Lumber is a win/win product for everyone.

A local Parks & Recreation department replaced traditional lumber sign posts to plastic lumber. Redco™ Greenplus Recycled Plastic Lumber is a long lasting, low maintenance alternative to wood. Also resistant to moisture, fungus and insects.

Some applications for Redco Greenplus:
Benches, decks, docks, boardwalks, parking curbs, horse stalls & pig barns, landscaping, dunnage, underwater applications, greenhouse footings, etc…

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Concrete Buffing Pads

Concrete contractors that specialize in commercial concrete flooring sometimes require smoother finishes with a highly polished surface than can be cleaned and waxed on a regular basis.

Typically the troweling blades on the polishing equipment are made of metal but Redco™ Recycled UHMW are an economical alternative that perform very well and have replaced the metal blades on many of our clients equipment.

Pictures of the disks (52” in diameter, with 3 1/2” holes).


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Save Your Cylinders

REDCO™ SEAL SAVER* (*patented)

“SEAL SAVER” is a protective cylinder cover that has proven to extend the cylinder life three-fold and beyond. This simple to install product (no disassembly of the cylinder is required) is now being utilized around the world in the toughest environments (quarries, mining, steel mills, demolition, ready mix concrete, etc.).



The *patented “SEAL SAVER”* opens and closes like an accordion as the cylinder works. It keeps dirt, sand, and grit (all of which cause scoring and damage to the seals) off the rod. The hidden feature to this product is that it keeps the silt-sized particles from entering the hydraulic system via the seals and contaminating the system. Once in the system, these silt-sized particles act as a lapping compound. It is this build-up that begins wearing on the valves and pumps. 700f hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminated (dirty) oil. If you stop the ingress of these contaminants, the oil filter can do it’s job (keep the system clean).

Depending on the application, several types of materials are used to manufacture this unique product. In addition to the standard Ballistic woven nylon, special materials include Kevlar (for very abrasive conditions), Aluminized Kevlar (for high abrasion and heat), and two grades of Aluminized Silica Cloth (for high heat and extremely high heat). When determining if you should use this type of protection, you should consider the price of replacing or rebuilding a cylinder, as well as the labor and downtime costs involved. When you add it all up, this product is simply “Intelligent Preventative Maintenance”.

DESIGNED TO FIT: Case, Caterpillar, Chute Cylinders, Daewoo, Hitachi, John Deere, Kawasaki, Kobelco, Komatsu, Liebherr, Linkbelt, Ready Mix Concrete Equipment, Volvo

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*”SEAL SAVER” is patented by Fluid Control Services.