Outrigger Pads: How To Spec Pad Size

Most of the time selecting a size of Redco outrigger pads isn’t rocket science: you get pads with the same length x width that came with your equipment. However, when for whatever reason this is not possible, there is some simple math you can do to figure out a safe outrigger pad size*. You first need to know the softest type of ground you may put your pads on. In general, 20-22 PSI (virgin soil) works well. Next, you need to take a look at a decal that should be on your outrigger pad feet. It should say a maximum force that foot could put on the ground.

Finally, you need to know the area of the outrigger pad you want to place your outriggers on. Here are the most common measurements:

18″ x 18′ = 324″

24″ x 24″ =576″

36″ x 36″ = 1296″

42″ x 42″ = 1764″

48″ x 48″ = 2304″

Let us work through one example. Assume the decal on your outrigger foot reads 30,000 pounds as it’s maximum force that could be applied. Let us consider the 24″ x 24″ pads, the math goes like this: 30000 / 576 = 52.08

52.08 is the PSI is the pressure at max load the foot would be putting on the ground through the pad. This is too much force for virgin soil, so we must go larger. We then consider 48″ x 48″ pads:

30000 / 2304 = 13.02

Much better! 13.02 is far below the 20-22 PSI we’re looking for and should be a safe amount of load to put on the ground in most situations. And it’s always better to be safe than sorry with a crib.

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*These guidelines come from the October 26th, 2005 “Safety Bulletin” by the American Concrete Pumping Association. Redwood Plastics accepts no liability for use of this information leading to a poor crib or accidents. As always, the operator of equipment has sole discretion on how to create a safe crib.


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