Redco Kiln Wheel Bushings

Redco Kiln Wheel bushings are an essential component to sawmills that have large dry kilns. These plastic bushings enable the carts to run freely through the mills and we supply the bushings in three grades:

Redco Blue kiln wheel bushings:

Standard Redco blue nylon kiln wheel bushings are a cost-effective and proven solution as a kiln wheel bushing. The nylon used in these bushings is head stabilized to handle long drying periods in the kiln. These bushings should not be used in sawmills where they will be exposed to very cold temperatures for a sustained period as nylon becomes brittle below -12 Celsius.

Redco Hi-Temp Yellow kiln wheel bushings:

A premium kiln wheel bushing we’ve been developing on at one of our western American branches the last couple of years. The yellow bushings in testing outlast and outwore the blue nylon bushings significantly and use a proprietary material we’ve developed to replace Redco blue kiln wheel bushings at a modest cost premium. The yellow bushings have more than paid for themselves in increased lifespan and, yes, they make the carts run smoother as well. These bushings are a direct substitution for Redco blue nylon kiln wheel bushings but are still not the correct choice in very cold weather environments and do not have increased load capacity over the regular blue.

Redco Phenolic kiln wheel bushings:

Phenolic kiln wheel bushings are used in high load (36,000lbs+) applications or where extreme cold is involved. Due to the properties of phenolic material (a fairly high coefficient of friction), it is recommended to put a grease groove in the bushing.

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