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We encounter plastics everyday of our life; however, engineering plastics tend not to be seen by the public often. An exception would be our plastic glazing materials: polycarbonate and acrylic. These clear materials are an impressive combination of engineering-grade properties combined with reasonable cost. They  have valuable applications for both the average consumer to large contractors and can be seen in many applications from sports stadiums to art.


Acrylic is arguably the most beautiful plastic and is commonly encountered in art and small applications. Acrylic is strong, easy to fabricate and has natural UV-inhibiting properties.Acrylic_tank_art

Redco™ Acrylic is available in multiple thicknesses, colors* and most branches carry 4′ x 8′ sheets in several thicknesses.


Redco™ polycarbonate is one of the most impact resistant plastics available. Just run a YouTube search for “polycarbonate strength test” and watch a few video clips! Redco™ polycarbonate is available in options such as with UV-inhibitors or added scratch resistance. Of particular Multi_Wall_Polycarbonate_Sheetinginterest is our twin-wall variety. Twin-wall polycarbonate has the strength you would expect from PC, combined with high values for light translucency and R-value (heat insulation) and an economical price.

The combination of these three properties make twin-wall polycarbonate an ideal solution for your greenhouse application. It is also excellent for customized outdoor awnings. For further information on working with polycarbonate please check out our website for “diy” plastic solutions:

For more information on our glazing materials or our other products and services please contact us:

CDN: 1 800 667 0999
USA: 1 866 733 2684

*Stock varies. Colored material will be subject to a minimum order.

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Since 1971 Redwood Plastics and Rubber has worked directly with customers to find solutions for a variety of problems including shock, abrasion, noise, wear, & friction. In partnership with our manufacturing divisions, Redwood Plastics and Rubber molds, machines, and fabricates a wide-range of high quality, custom components. Our dedication to ethical and respectful interaction with our customers, suppliers and each other is the key to our long standing relationships. Relationships that are enabled by the pride, enthusiasm and commitment of each member of our organization.

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