Wastewater Solutions

If you stop for a moment and think about wastewater treatment what comes to mind? Chances are you are you think first of a putrid smell. Perhaps an endless labyrinth of pumps and pipes surrounded by rust. Maybe algae clinging on to walls or walkways. No matter what you imagine, the words “grime” or “dirty” probably enter your mind.

While our imagination tends to exaggerate, employees of wastewater treatment know it is a very tough environment and issues with corrosion and rust are prevalent. Fortunately, plastics are well-suited to provide solutions for wastewater treatment. In the past, our polyurethane has been especially useful. Redco™ urethane has successfully replaced rubber in multiple applications and our bearing grade urethanes, Redco™ 750 and 750 SXL, outperform traditional materials like brass.

Our new FRP lineup provides a wide variety of structural solutions for wastewater treatment. Our Redco™ DURAGRID® and DURAGRATE® provide a corrosion resistant and non-conductive surface. Redco™ SAFRAIL™ provides corrosion resistant industrial handrails, ladder and cage systems that are virtually maintenance free. A few examples of our wastewater solutions are here.

Redco™ COMPOSOLITE® in use as covers


SAFRAIL™ and DURAGRID®       pultruded grating


Redco™ 750 SXL bearing grade polyurethane


If you need more information on our wastewater solutions please contact us today.

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DURAGRID®, DURAGRATE®, SAFRAIL™ and COMPOSOLITE® are registered trademarks of the Strongwell Corporation


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