“Christmas Vacation” and Plastic Coatings

Anyone who has seen the classic  movie “Christmas Vacation” will remember the sled scene. In the scene Clark Griswald (Chevy Chase) uses a “non-chloric, silicon-based kitchen lubricant” to grease his sled. The lubricant works too well and Clark goes for a memorable ride.ChevyChase Sled

While Redco™ obviously does not sell kitchen lubricants the scene does inspire a discussion on some of our less-known plastic products: our plastic coatings. These materials sometimes get forgotten among our vast product line. Disclaimer: under NO circumstances do we ever recommend you applying these coatings outside of their designated applications (including sleds)!

WEARLON Super F-3M is a non-stick coating that’s found its use in marine applications. With similar hydrophobic properties to paraffin wax, it helps decrease friction and the build up of debris like marine life. It also makes cleaning your boat much quicker. Wearlon also comes in an “anti-graffiti” variety which make surfaces resistant to graffiti paint. After graffiti is applied, the surface can be cleaned with simple soap and water or mild detergent.

SILENT RUNNING is a sound dampening and vibration reducing coating also intended for marine applications. The material turns sound waves into heat, which is quickly dissipated. The material is non-toxic, flame retardant and water-based. It even uses some NASA technology in the ceramic spheres, which are part of the formula. It provides for a safer, more pleasurable trip.

HERCULINER is a do-it-yourself truck lining solution. The benefits and savings of plastic truck liners are commonly known; however, the up front cost of the material (and installation) can be daunting. Herculiner provides an economical alternative. The solution is a combination of polyurethane and rubber granules, which, when cured correctly, provide a tough and slippery surface that protects your truck bed. Herculiner is a cost-effective choice for someone who understands the value of a plastic truck liner. And, unlike polyethylene, Herculiner is easily bonded to a variety of surfaces without mechanical fastening.

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