Plastics Aren’t Just Plastic Bags

Going Green is a hot topic in just about every industry. With government rebates at stake and public opinions at an all time high – companies need to be considering taking on environmentally friendly ways of doing business and offer products that support this initiative.

Plastics are not the first materials that come to mind when people think “green”.. but not all plastics are created equal and not all plastics and used and disposed of in the same way.  (continued below)


Redco Greenplus Recycled Lumber Redco Recycled UHMW

(continued from above)

Nearly all plastics that are reprocessed (recycled) are from the thermoplasticfamily vs the thermoset family of plastics.

Thermoplastics include the entire polyethylene family including; PE film, HD/PE sheets and UHMW, as well as the nylons, teflon®, polypropylene, acrylic, polycarbonates, and most high performance materials.

Many plastics are made of materials that are by-products from the production of other materials and many plastic materials will outlast metals and wood by up to 30 times. Conserving and using less is exactly why plastics are used in many applications and that is also the reason they are an environmentally friendly product.
Plastics are also lighter and can increase material flow which reduces energy consumption.
Here are some examples of components and applications where plastics can be used and are guaranteed to decrease the wear on equipment, reduce downtown, increase the life of machinery and outlast traditional materials.
  • wear strip
  • conveyor components
  • protective liners
  • outrigger pads
  • sprockets & sheaves
  • safety enclosures
  • vinyl strip door
  • bushings & bearings
  • rollers & guides
  • decks & walkways
  • landscape structures

Plastics can be used in the toughest industrial mining application or in the most tranquil park – that is what makes plastics so easy to use in so many different applications.

Plastics are very low maintenance and because there are grades available to withstand very high temperatures, mildew and rotting they don’t need to be replaced as often and they never need to be painted, stained, lubricated or cleaned.

Redwood Plastics also carries products that are made from recycled materials including Redco Greenplus (recycled lumber) and Recycled UHMW.

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About redwoodplastics
Since 1971 Redwood Plastics and Rubber has worked directly with customers to find solutions for a variety of problems including shock, abrasion, noise, wear, & friction. In partnership with our manufacturing divisions, Redwood Plastics and Rubber molds, machines, and fabricates a wide-range of high quality, custom components. Our dedication to ethical and respectful interaction with our customers, suppliers and each other is the key to our long standing relationships. Relationships that are enabled by the pride, enthusiasm and commitment of each member of our organization.

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